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Reasons and Solutions for the Network Cable Being Pulled Out (1)


Reasons and solutions for the network cable being pulled out (1)
The local connection is related to the interconnection of the local area network and the problem of the local connection to the Internet. If there is a problem with the local connection, both the local area network and the Internet will not be accessible.
There are various problems with the local connection, one of which is the prompt "The network cable is not plugged in", and you may also encounter this situation. The cable is not plugged in properly", in short, it will be connected for a while, and it will not be connected again for a while, there will always be intermittent network connection status, making the network abnormal.
From the literal understanding of the problem, it is mostly due to a problem with the physical connection of the network.
The network cable is not plugged in properly one: the problem of the crystal head
If there is a problem with the crystal head, it may lead to poor contact and looseness of the crystal head connected to the motherboard. You can remove the crystal head first, and then install it. Note that you can hear a click when you install it, indicating that it is stable. If it is stable and the problem remains, then it is estimated that there is a problem with the wire in the crystal head. At this time, you have to make a new crystal head.
Of course, the problem may not completely lie in the place where the crystal head is connected to the motherboard. It may be in the access switch or access router. You have to use the same method to troubleshoot.
The network cable is not plugged in properly 2: Network card driver
Don't think that only the hardware has problems, the software drivers will also have problems. You can troubleshoot whether it is a driver problem by the following methods. Right-click My Computer, find "Manage", and a dialog box pops up. In the dialog box, find "Device Manager", then look in the list to the right of it, select "Network Adapters", and see if its icon is a yellow question mark. If it is, it means that the driver has not been installed correctly. At this time, you have to reinstall the network card driver to solve the problem.
The network cable is not plugged in three: the router has a problem
There is a problem with the router. If it is a soft setting, please check whether the use of a certain ip has been set in the router. After resetting, restart the router. Also, there is a small hole on the router, you use a wire or a thin object, insert it and wipe it continuously, the router will reset and start, or it may solve the problem. Of course, if it is a hardware problem of the router itself, you have to replace the router, because according to some netizens, after the router is struck by lightning, the local connection will show a prompt that "the network cable is not plugged in properly".
The network cable is not plugged in four: wireless network problems
If your network uses a wireless network, then the problem may be with the router.
The reason may be whether the routing itself is faulty, and at the same time, whether there is signal interference nearby.
The network cable is not plugged in five: don't forget the ARP virus
If you encounter an ARP virus in your computer, this will also happen. You can use anti-virus software to check and kill the local virus and see if it can eliminate the problem. Or, turn on 360ARP Firewall and let it provide firewall function for your network to protect your network.
The network cable is not plugged in properly Six: IP setting or acquisition
Originally, the machine has an IP set, but the local connection cannot use the IP, and it will be in the state of obtaining the network address for a long time.