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Characteristics of LAN Cables


Characteristics of LAN cables
1. The geographical area covered by the network is relatively small. Usually no more than tens of kilometers, even only in one campus, one building or one room.
2. The data transmission rate is relatively high, from the initial 1 Mbps to the later 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps, and has reached 1000 Mbps and 10 000 Mbps in recent years.
3. It has lower delay and bit error rate, and its bit error rate is generally 10-8 to 10-11.
4. The right to operate and manage the local area network belongs to a certain unit, which is in sharp contrast to the wide area network that is usually provided by service providers.
5. It is easy to install, maintain and expand, with low network construction cost and short cycle.
6. It can easily share expensive external devices, hosts, software and data, and access the entire network from one site.
7. It is convenient for the expansion and gradual evolution of the system, and the position of each device can be flexibly adjusted and changed.
8. Improve the reliability and availability of the system.