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The Role of RF Cables


The role of RF cables
Cables, as you probably know, have cables on poles too. In fact, cables are indispensable for things we don't know. Cables are one of the indispensable keys to many things. All in all, its role is really big, and it has a wide range of applications.
Radio frequency cables are cables that transmit electromagnetic energy in the radio frequency range. Radio frequency cables are indispensable components in various radio communication systems and electronic equipment. They are widely used in wireless communication and broadcasting, television, radar, navigation, computers and instruments.
Function of the cable: The cable is used to transmit radio frequency (RF) signals. It has low emission losses and provides protection against electromagnetic interference so that the low power consumption of the signal will be transmitted over longer distances. Coaxial cable is composed of a core, insulation, shielding, and outer shell. This is called a coaxial cable because these all have the same axis. There are many different types of coaxial cables, each with different physical and electrical characteristics designed for specific tasks. This is commonly used to perform cable TV signals along suburban streets and in homes.
Coaxial cable is used to carry TV signals and connect video equipment together, it can also be used to carry radio signals and connect receivers, transmitters and antennas together. Short lengths of coaxial cable are also used to connect equipment to test equipment, such as signal generators. Coaxial cable was widely used to connect computer local area networks (LANs) but has replaced twisted pair. However, cable broadband is still popular and uses the same coaxial cable for cable network purposes. Most coax networks will eventually supersede fiber optic networks.
RF Cable Features
(1) It can transmit a wider frequency band.
(2) High degree of defense against external interference.
(3) The antenna effect is small and the radiation loss is small.
(4) Simple structure, convenient installation and relatively economical.
RF Cable Connector