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How to identify super five network cable?


The following points should also be noted when identifying the five types of UTP: 

① Check the instructions on the outside of the cable. The words "AMP SYSTEMS CABLE...24AWG...CAT5" should be printed on the outer skin of the twisted pair cable, indicating that the twisted pair is a Category 5 twisted pair of AMP (the most reputable twisted pair brand). 

Line, of which 24AWG indicates the wire number, the thickness of the core wire belongs to the US gauge 24 line, and CAT5 indicates the five category; in addition, there is a IBDN standard five network cable of NORDX/CDT company, the words above are "IBDN PLUS NORDX/CDX... ...24 AWG...CATEGORY 5", where "CATEGORY 5" also means five types of wires; 

②Whether it is easy to bend. The twisted pair should be bent naturally to facilitate wiring; 

③ Whether the copper core in the cable has good toughness. 

In order to prevent the twisted pair from breaking during the movement, the inner copper core must have a certain toughness in addition to the outer skin protection layer. 

At the same time, in order to facilitate the production and reliable connection of the joint, the copper core can neither be too soft nor too hard. 

④ Whether it has flame retardancy. In order to avoid cable damage caused by high temperature or fire, the outermost sheath of the twisted pair should not only have good tensile properties, but also be flame-retardant (you can test it with fire: if it is Authentic, the rubber will be soft when heated and will not catch fire; if it is a fake, it will burn at one point). 

In order to reduce the manufacturing cost, non-standard twisted pair cables generally use materials that do not meet the requirements to make the sheath of the cable, which is not conducive to communication security.

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