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How to identify the quality of the network cable?


Now there are more fake twisted pair cables on the market than real ones, and the fake wires also have the same markings as the real ones.

In addition to fake cables, there are many cases in the market where Category 3 cables are used to pretend to be Category 5 cables and Category 5 super cables.

The following is the identification method of the network cable:

1. The lines in the third type of line are two pairs of four, and the lines in the fifth type of line are four pairs of eight.

2. The outer rubber of the real thread is not easy to burn, while the outer rubber of the fake thread is mostly flammable.

3. The outer rubber of the fake thread will become soft at higher temperature (above 40°C), but not really.

4. The copper core material inside the real wire is purer, softer, tougher and not easy to be broken.

5. The twisting direction of the network cable is counterclockwise instead of clockwise. Clockwise rotation will have an effect on speed and transmission distance.

6. The number of turns of the wires in the network cable is different when they are paired, because if the number of turns is the same, the transmission signals between the two pairs of wires will interfere with each other, making the transmission distance shorter.

7. There is a layer of metal mesh and insulating material between the wires of the shielded twisted pair and the rubber, and the crystal head is also wrapped by metal.

8. If possible, you can find a 100-meter twisted pair cable and use the "Network Monitor" in Windows to test it on the spot. Category 5 cable can reach 100Mbps, and Category 3 cable can only reach 10Mbps.

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