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What's the difference between a wire and a power cable?


The selection of wire and Power Cable needs to pay attention to more details, need to distinguish clearly in advance, in order to ensure the later use. And what are the differences between wire and cable?

1, the two structure is different, the wire selected by the wire is basically a combination of a few relatively soft wire, there is a layer of insulation outside. The cable consists of one or more bare wires with an outer layer made of rubber.

2, the size is different, the wire size is small, the structure is complex, the Power Cable size is large.

3, the function is different, the power of the wire can be less. Select the cable, the carrying capacity is relatively strong, usually used to transmit relatively large power, current, etc.

4, hardness is different, the choice of wire, hardness is not as high as the cable, and relatively soft, because its power and current carrying capacity are not very good.

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing wires?
1. Load capacity
A household's electricity consumption changes from moment to moment, and if it uses a lot of electricity, televisions, air conditioners, computers, lamps, water purifiers, refrigerators, hair dryers, etc., can all be used together. If the load capacity of the power line is not strong, the summer weather is hot, the power line overload may heat up, causing serious consequences such as fire.

2, waterproof
Some wire packaging is not tight, easy to deformation, cracking. If broken and leaked, it may result in short circuit, short circuit, fire, and personal injury. Therefore, wire should choose hard sheathed and good waterproof performance.

3. Electrical conductivity
Copper cores and other wires are on the market. Copper core wire is the most practical interior decoration. However, there are several types of copper cores, including large radius and multi-wire copper cores.

4, the main line to thick core
The power supply is the two main lines that connect from the power supply to all devices. The main line must be made of thick copper core, because it carries the charge of each appliance and requires a thick copper wire with good performance.

5. Length
Many unscrupulous traders cheat on the length of the wire, which is marked with meters, but some unscrupulous traders underestimate the 10 meters in the middle of the wire. For example, after 30 meters it will start showing 40 meters.